Review of the System

The seven parts of the System are more like instructional courses, not levels. We are understanding when it comes to levels and sections within the earthly hierarchy, but we leave it at that.

In the first part of the system you will learn to initiate creative programs and support the state of the energy body in such a way as to store only such creative programs. Without this work you will once again automatically switch onto destructive programs and your unsolved problems will once again return.
There is a mutually predetermined connection between the physical body and the energetic body. Physical organs continuously read information off the energetic body and work in accordance with it.
If the recorded programs are destructive, the structure and functions of physical organs are distorted and DNA molecules get destroyed. As the anecdote goes: "The doctor said you are going to the morgue, and so you are."
As soon as the programs of the energetic body get switched to the creative mode, the physical organs experience a shock for some time as they now face a diametrically opposite task when compared with what they were used to! We must remember that the physical world prefers inertia. Inertia is an attribute of our cells and DNA molecules. They must first switch to the required creative programs themselves, and then give a signal for regeneration and restoration of cells, which in the end leads to healthier body
organs and the organism as a whole. Here we must understand that in order to restore its wholeness the cell needs more than a mere command in the shape of the creative program. It would need the building blocks. Where would it take that from? of course, from food. Therefore, the cells of the body are not indifferent to what building material the human being delivers. The way to health goes through the changing character of our nutrition. This is what you will learn at the second part of our system.
According to his nature the human being is a self-sufficient system, which contains everything that is needed for life support, for omnea mea me cum porto. Our body can synthesize nutrients and feed itself. However, this mechanism has been switched off in everybody. Dieticians have long been arguing: some believe meat is good, others believe in vegetarianism, still others call for a mixed diet. They are trying to find the correct and rational diet.
This argument might as well go on for eternity and if any one human being does not switch on the internal individually tuned mechanism of nutrient synthesis, the humankind will never be able to find a recipe for good quality diet.

In the second part of the system we learn to switch on this synthesis and manage the process, decreasing the amounts of food we eat. Here we must note once again that the quality of food matters for the body. The food is the carrier of thin energy and thus the carrier of coded programs! These programs influence in a certain way on the brain and the entire body and change them accordingly. And although our body is currently oriented towards food, this process can become creative if it submits to the power of one's thought, that is, if it falls under the control of our psychological activity.

The third part of the Harmonization System discusses, working with separate organs of the body, its tissues and systems (working on their harmonization).

The fourth part is fully dedicated to fighting stereotypes.

In the fifth part we learn to get released from Karma influence without damaging the body. We also get to solve the internal and acquired Karma problems and riddles. We create in the world of God our own thought form, free from the influence of the noosphere, and thus, from the influence of other thought forms of the humankind. It provides for and supports the communication of his thought form with the world of God, and helps receive the tangible assistance in all his affairs.

At this stage the person orients his consciousness to unity with the Field. It means that programs for creation and development of the Universe become accessible to human beings and he becomes able to change himself in accordance with these creative programs. When the human being gets oriented toward resolution of universal problems, he orients himself fully toward life and gets everything he needs to support his life.

The next stages of our System provide for further strengthening and expanding of the skills, leading all the way to mastering what seems absolutely unachievable, including teleportation, materialization and dematerialization. All this is still the first stage of the System. At the second stage the person learns to manage genetic makeup (own genetic makeup first).

© Copyright Alexander & Tamara White 2005