In our System you will learn:

  • To use the power of your thinking to protect yourself and your children under 12 from negative influence of the surrounding world and other people;
  • To neutralize (do away with) the consequences of such influence on yourself, your children under 12, your home, car, computer, etc.
  • To treat yourself with mental strategies from viral infections of any form and at any stage, acute inflammatory processes, chills, flu, chronic diseases, asthma, allergy, dystonia, chronic tuberculosis, and other diseases modern medicine can not treat;
  • To stabilize your blood pressure, do away with pain and spasms of any character, fight depression and stress and deal with their consequences, master your Karma and discontinue your dependence on it;
  • To control your stomach by switching to energy nutrition that must not be confused with lent or fasting, because it is well-balanced nutrition;
  • To master ways to work with mental and life energy. You will learn to control all aspects of your life, and, most importantly, to join with your Supreme "I," awaking your Conscience.

All of the above is just the first level of our System. Here you will learn to control your life and health. The second stage of the System involves cognizant management of programs of your Soul and the genetic apparatus, and their full revival, which will allow you to control the duration of your life. Anyone who masters the system becomes invincible for any types of viruses and microbes, including cancer, AIDS, untreatable tuberculosis, poisons, radiation, etc.

We invite publishing houses, cultural funds and other interested organizations to publish the book "Mysterious Doctrine of Apocalypse Days," on mutually beneficial terms, and to distribute the book.

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Attention! Who is interested in all System of Harmonization of the Person, the request to inform in the letter the country (region, city) residing.